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SECOND YEAR STUDIO: (Third Semester)

Rural Design

The selected village for the proposed rural study was well nestled in between the paleolithic sites, reserved forests, Poondi reservoir and Kosasthalaiyar River. The study and documentation were aimed at understanding how Vernacular Architectural dwellings, clusters and settlements are built in response to their natural setting, social and cultural life, climate, and locally available materials along with dissecting relations to its Paleolithic history. This study explored how rural communities shape their environment and their environment shapes their way of life.

The process of data collection involved students being divided into 4 groups namely – Physical, Socio Economic, Housing Typology and Visuals. Each group had to collect data pertaining to their respective topic through live site studies conducted for about 6 days. The compilation and Analysis of the data collected by the students helped in understandingthe village’s current scenario, the issues faced by the villagers and related proposals were provided to mitigate those issues.