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FOURTH YEAR STUDIO: (Eight Semester)

Urban Design

Urban design is the art of creating urban milieus that are functional, vibrant, liveable, and visually appealing. It deals with the physical arrangements of human communities at a larger scale and is concerned with planning and development at all levels (social, physical, environmental, economic, and cultural).

The urban design studio taken up for 8 Sem didn’t focus only on improving the physical character alone such as public realm, residential quality but also concentrated on emerging challenges such as biodiversity loss, multiculturalism, slum and squatter settlements, and pollution etc.

Students were given the Sub urban extents of Coimbatore and were asked to ponder on the macro level issues faced and barricaded the further sustainable growth in the city. Students working as a common studio for both sections were able to explore more social and physical aspects of the chosen site through maps, demographics, diagrams, photographs, and physical models collected during their urban visits.