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FIRST YEAR STUDIO: (Second Semester)

Residential Design

Building designs have moulded through millennia, relentlessly adapting to our needs, essentially, and our ever-expanding lives. Houses went from being a territorial necessity to a lifestyle definition, and yet the meaning of the word ‘home’ has remained constant. Through the passage of time, we have been seeking homes that respond to our innate humanness and our instincts. From being a space where we seek shelter, and comfort, a state of constancy and permanence, housing designs have evolved to a colossal extent over time. Especially the modern ‘bungalows’ have seen a myriad of classifications, along with transformation, in terms of design, style, form, materials, and construction.

With an aim to address the above questions, this Exercise seeks to understand your idea of a house design, in the context of the site. It encourages participants to rethink the basic functionality of the house according to the profession and to have a proper understanding of Human Anthropometrics.