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FIRST YEAR STUDIO: (First Semester)

Foundational Design Studio

The objectives of the design were to give an understanding of design as creating form towards a purpose at various scale, to enable exploration of the universal visual, experiential and cognitive aspects of design through engaging elements and principles of form, to give an insight into the ways in which form/morphology and use/effect can come together.

These objectives were achieved through a series of detailed design problems which started with the exploration of points, line and planes. Continued by unique and explorative design problems like “Dimensional design”, “Spacescape”, “Nexus”, Imaginative drawing and culminated with an observatory and analysis-based problem named “Design thinking” which involved the cognitive mapping of a selected site followed by an “Empathetic Design” as its proposal.

The whole structure and process of the subject emphasized on the grasping value of students and introduces 2D to 3D evolution as a smooth process along with applying human centric values. These were achieved though fun and interactive studio environment and outdoor visits.