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Beyond Academics


Hands-on training and workshops play a major role in the learning processes particularly for subjects related to model making, building construction, climatology, and site surveying. Our institution organizes a variety of workshops for students, both on college campuses with outsourced experts and at external locations. Some of the major workshops conducted include natural building material workshops, funicular arch workshops, building services workshops, form finding workshops, and sunbath and shadow angle analysis workshops to name a few.

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Seminars / Guest Lectures

Architecture is a field that involves better growth through knowledge sharing by practicing architects and experts, as the field is growing exponentially with continuously evolving market trends. Our Institution makes it a compulsory policy to have at least one guest lecture for each subject, in order to enrich our students learning experience with subject expert’s lectures and seminars.

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Study Tours

Experiential learning, away from classroom is the best way for the students to explore latest & eminent buildings. Study tours provide first hand exposure on the design aspects, materials and techniques adopted. It helps students to broaden their understanding about the world & also encourages them to think critically. Our institution organizes many study tours in the form of case studies, site visits, studies pertaining to other coresubjects like History of Architecture, Energy Efficient Architecture, Building services. Apart from these, all the year students are taken for North India & South India tours at least once in their five years of learning period. In addition to these, visits related to fabrication and manufacturing processes, recycling and treatment techniques etc. are also encouraged.

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Our Institution provides opportunities for the students to organise symposiums and at the same time participate in symposiums conducted in other colleges. This helps the students to interact with their peers from other college. Our students have bought laurels to the institution through many winning competitions and overall trophies. The symposiums organised by our college has also gathered huge participation from other colleges. The students through their students council, take responsibility in aiding the organisation and participation for such events.

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News Letters / Magazine

As a one-of-a-kind approach and a student initiative, guided by experienced faculties, the department magazine named HUNCH is released once in 3 months. The magazine elucidates important events in the department, students achievements, extra curricular activities along with national and international architecture news. Publishing of student’s works gives confidence to face the real audiences outside the classroom. Hunch publications provide not only a creative outlet for students but also provide opportunities to build their creative skills. Students interested in architectural journalism and photography, writing, editing and compiling techniques volunteer themselves for the magazine’s compilation, editing and printing processes.

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Our Institution has a sprawling campus with many sports grounds that has been the arena for numerous inter college and intra college events. Our Institution promotes interested students in such physical activities as they are stress busters and to promote physical wellbeing of students. Playing sports like Cricket, basketball, football, throw ball, badminton and indoor games like chess and carom are also encouraged among students. The specially planned sports events in the name of sports fest bring a vibrant vibe to the student’s college life.

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