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About Us

Alhaj Dr. S.M.Shaik Nurddin founded the Aalim Muhammed Salegh Trust and named it after his father in the year 1990 with the aim of imparting Technical and Medical Education in general and to educate the weaker sections and backward communities of the society in particular. This trust has been established to promote education amongst all sectors of people of the Nation with a view to wipe out ignorance, superstition and illiteracy and enabling the younger generation to equip themselves with compatible education for employment and overall development of the society.


With the growing population in india, more than 50% of the people will be living in the urban areas of the developing countries. With the growth of IT industry, reflects more scope for corporate and residential building which in turn needs more qualified Architects Education in and around Chennai. With the growing demand for Architectural Education, Aalim Muhammed Salegh Trust is keen to provide quality Education with good infrastructure and eminent faculty.

Broad Objectives and Relevance

Availability of eminent faculty and necessary infrastructure, to impart Architectural education towards the practical application. At the beginning of the course, the students are exposed to the current trends in Architecture by undergoing visits to the various sites and establishments.